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What People Say

Just wanted to say thank you and just let you know how much I appreciate the effort and time you’ve given me. These past few weeks I’ve been seeing results like crazy and it has helped me out so much in my day to day life. I can see myself back on the basketball court very soon. I am glad I went to you for physio
Martin Galang
Prior to seeing you I was experiencing a lot of pain in my right knee. From consultation day we got right into it and with your knowledge I'm feeling a lot better. The exercises, massages and needling helped a lot. You have an extensive knowledge in your field and would definitely recommend to others and come back if I ever had to. Quality service from the get go!
Oliver Fynn
Just finished oztag, felt better than I ever had in awhile. Definitely confident in my running and moving side to side. No holding back. Thanks for all the knowledge you have passed on to me to help me get better and be better
Michael Ramos
Just wanted to say a big thank you for how helpful you have been at getting me back into a functional state. Before coming to you I had been to other physio's but felt like I was getting nowhere with recovery if not even getting worse. Since coming to you for the last couple of months, the progress I have made has been remarkable and you haven't only helped me with my major injuries, but other dysfunctions and injuries as well.
Gavin Pereira
My wife was experiencing some neck and shoulder issue for almost 2 weeks at the time. I messaged Jeff via instagram about my wife’s situation and got a response instantly. He booked us on that same day! 3 - 4 sessions later the wifey is all better! Clean and easy communication. Clean hygienic clinic. Amazing Knowledge. 100% recommend him to everyone!
Anthony Angeles
I have so much to thank you for! I had no pain whatsoever since I left! Was a bit worried when I carried my luggage using left arm/shoulder up/down the stairs in Japan. No pain whatsoever! Also clapped back at the gym since I got back. Been doing workouts that I wasn't able to do before due to shoulder injury. Now i'm able to lift heavier with more sets and reps.
John Laxamana
Brother, Just wanted to say thank you on your ongoing support from start to finish, 8 weeks have gone way too fast from my ankle injury. I'm definitely feeling 1000x more better than when I came into the clinic, From the small light exercise during the start to the more intense mobility and strengthening exercieses, you have definitely made me gain my confidence in regards to normal walking routines etc so that I'm not second guessing myself walking but also that does come with any injury like you've told me. Extremely thankful for everything, you're definitely a genuine person when it comes to patient care, all the little knowledgeable things you advise is what matters You give it your all and be there for your patients and for that I"m grateful that a talented young man has gone into great lengths for his patients and it does show. So excited to see you progress through the year and into the future, you deserve it! Thank you again!
From my past two injuries that I’ve had I have seen Jeff on both occasions. One initially for my lower back and the other for my right hip. If there is a few words to sum up my experience and why I would highly recommended Jeff is for his knowledge and accountability. His sessions are hands on, practical and educational where you will always have something to take on with you after the session. From my recent hip injury i suffered from internal hip rotation and impingement where I felt pain preforming a squat. Through his knowledge he easily mapped out how and why this injury has occurred. After tweaking and modifying my squat I was able to improve my form which initially was the issue as to why this injury had occurred. It was a slow 8 weeks but After a few practical/rehab sessions the pain slowly eased and I was able to preform the squat correctly and pain free. Up til now I still stick to everything he has taught me. To sum it all up, love his work, great guy, always my go to for all my physio needs and would highly recommend Baysictechnique to anyone.
Jordan Paul Yap
Very positive experience with Jeff. He takes the time out to understand your issues and tailor exercises accordingly. Highly recommended
Karan Multani
Haven't had a healthy leg since I could remember and it's starting to feel like I'm on that route. So cheers. Keen to have you sort me out for that first game so I can walk onto the field ready to go for 90.
Adem Stevens
Post knee injury there wasn’t much hope for a proper recovery for me, till I met Jeff! He has surpassed all of my current goals and we are now focusing on goals I didn’t know could be in my reach with my injury! Could not recommend him enough
John Tanyag
Hey Jeff, thanks so much for our latest session. I feel so much stronger in my back already and that form exercise really is doing wonders for me. Trained even harder this week and am now able to do things I wouldn't have prior to all the exercises!
Leanne Melody