Baysictechnique Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine

Meet The Team

Jeff Baysic
Sharoz Khan

Jeff's Story

Hi, I’m Jeff and I am the founder and Principal physiotherapist at Baysictechnique Physiotherapy. I graduated from The University of Sydney in 2016. I completed a Masters level degree in Physiotherapy and my undergraduate was in Bachelor of Health Sciences with a major in Movement Science.

During my career as a physio I have worked in multiple private practice settings specialising in many musculoskeletal injuries that are sustained from sports, the gym, work-related tasks, motor vehicle accidents and many more. I have experience being a team physio in a wide range of sports including soccer, touch football, rugby league and Oztag. I have also helped individual athletes maximise their performance while minimising the risk for injury. From weekend warriors, power lifters and team players looking to thrive in their sport.

Injuries that I have helped with include:

From a competition standpoint, I have competed in state level touch football, Oztag, soccer and tennis. In my downtime, I enjoy going to the gym, playing team sports, rock climbing and snowboarding. My gym program consists of a mix of strength and conditioning, weightlifting and CrossFit. From a cultural perspective I am of Filipino background and I can speak fluent Tagalog and English.

My goal is to assist you with the rehab of your injury, keep you active and return you to your designated sport/gym activity level at a safe and timely fashion.

Sharoz' Story

Hi, the name is Sharoz a Senior Physiotherapist at Baysictechnique physiotherapy. I graduated with a Masters of Physiotherapy and a Bachelor in Sports and Exercise science at the prestigious University of Sydney.

Throughout my university degree I have ventured out in private practice and hospital settings specialising in musculoskeletal injuries. I have had experience working with NPL soccer teams prescribing injury prevention, rehab, and strength and conditioning coupled with an abundance of manual therapy techniques. I have almost a decade of experience in powerlifting and bodybuilding and to this day a lifestyle of mine. I have helped many powerlifters, weightlifters and weekend warriors relieve aches and pains in their body with a specialisation in exercise prescription, correcting movement faults, hands-on techniques, and aiding with injury prevention.

Injuries that I have helped with include:

I have Participated in soccer, rugby league, basketball, volleyball at high levels and also have had a swing at golf as a nice little hobby. In my downtime, you will either find me in Anytime Fitness Glendenning lifting weights or in random locations throwing in a line to do some fishing. From a cultural perspective I am of Fijian-Indian descent and can speak fluent English and Hindi.