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Meet The Team

Jeff Baysic
Sharoz Khan
Zaki Zulfiqar
Matthew Jap

Jeff's Story

Hi, I’m Jeff and I am the founder and a physiotherapist at Baysictechnique Physiotherapy. I graduated from The University of Sydney in 2016. I completed a Masters level degree in Physiotherapy and my undergraduate was in Bachelor of Health Sciences with a major in Movement Science.

During my career as a physio I have worked in multiple private practice settings specialising in many musculoskeletal injuries that are sustained from sports, the gym, work-related tasks, motor vehicle accidents and many more. I have experience being a team physio in a wide range of sports including soccer, touch football, rugby league and Oztag. I have also helped individual athletes maximise their performance while minimising the risk for injury. From weekend warriors, power lifters and team players looking to thrive in their sport.

Injuries that I have helped with include:

From a competition standpoint, I have competed in state level touch football, Oztag, soccer and tennis. In my downtime, I enjoy going to the gym, playing team sports, rock climbing and snowboarding. My gym program consists of a mix of strength and conditioning, weightlifting and CrossFit. From a cultural perspective I am of Filipino background and I can speak fluent Tagalog and English.

My goal is to assist you with the rehab of your injury, keep you active and return you to your designated sport/gym activity level at a safe and timely fashion.

Sharoz' Story

Hi, the name is Sharoz a Senior Physiotherapist at Baysictechnique physiotherapy. I graduated with a Masters of Physiotherapy and a Bachelor in Sports and Exercise science at the prestigious University of Sydney.

Throughout my university degree I have ventured out in private practice and hospital settings specialising in musculoskeletal injuries. I have had experience working with NPL soccer teams prescribing injury prevention, rehab, and strength and conditioning coupled with an abundance of manual therapy techniques. I have almost a decade of experience in powerlifting and bodybuilding and to this day a lifestyle of mine. I have helped many powerlifters, weightlifters and weekend warriors relieve aches and pains in their body with a specialisation in exercise prescription, correcting movement faults, hands-on techniques, and aiding with injury prevention.

I am qualified to perform Hijama wet cupping. A popular modality of treatment in Muslim countries. It is a type of cupping therapy where small incisions are made to the skin to draw out toxic blood using suction cups.

Injuries that I have helped with include:

I have Participated in soccer, rugby league, basketball, volleyball at high levels and also have had a swing at golf as a nice little hobby. In my downtime, you will either find me in Anytime Fitness Glendenning lifting weights or in random locations throwing in a line to do some fishing. From a cultural perspective I am of Fijian-Indian descent and can speak fluent English and Hindi.

Zaki's Story

Hi, I’m Zaki. A Physiotherapist at Baysictechnique Physiotherapy. I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Physiotherapy from the Australian Catholic University.

Throughout my university degree I had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings. Ranging from the hospital to a well equipped private practice to a simple pitch-side tent. I was fortunate enough to work with these people post-injury and follow them through their rehab journey. Staying side-by-side with them as they achieved their goals.

I have a passion for sport and movement, especially those of an endurance-nature. I spend most weekends racking up the kilometres on my bike or in the latest running supershoes. With my current target to break 2:15 in the half marathon.

Injuries that I have helped with include:

Growing up I had numerous injuries in sports such as soccer and AFL and found physiotherapy to be an invaluable tool to getting back onto the field. It has become my goal to ensure you can get back onto the field or into the workplace knowing you are fitter and stronger.

Matthew's Story

Hi, my name is Matthew, and I am one of the physiotherapists at Baysictechnique physiotherapy. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in physiotherapy from the University of Canberra. 

 I have a passion for helping individuals reclaim their mobility, conquer pain, and achieve their wellness goals. I’ve made it my mission to provide personalised care that goes beyond just treating symptoms.


During my degree, I have been lucky to experience and learn from multiple musculoskeletal settings, exposing me to everything from complex rehabilitation, total knee, and hip replacements to elite athletes and active gym goers. 


Beyond my work, I believe in the power of movement and the joy of an active lifestyle. When I’m not in the clinic, you can find me on the basketball court, badminton court or on the Oz tag field. 

Injuries that I have helped with include:

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, seeking relief from chronic discomfort, or simply striving to enhance your physical well-being, I’ve got your back!